SnapScan Is The Future

When Romeo first told me about SnapScan, I thought it was another PayPal type of payment gateway. I already have a PayPal account, so I wasn't interested. One day I will find use for my $1,46 USD balance, I thought to myself.

If You And I Stand, Ngiyobhadala iLobola

I am in a fairly new relationship and I have I always believed that uttering words like "I want to marry you" or "Ngitokulobola. I'll pay lobola for you" this early in a relationship makes you look desperate. For a relationship.

Vuka Mawulele

I wonder if these scams still work on people. We have seen enough of them and these crooks should just stop this rubbish already. There is no organisation I know that would publish written communication with broken grammar. Their first mistake.

The Way I See A Hit And A Nice Song

This post is supposed to be as short as a tweet, but I am going to make it long because I know that die hard fans of artists like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna - the Beyhive, Barbs and the Navy respectively - might not, or refuse to, understand. I understand.

I Am A Proud FC Bayern Munich and Orlando Pirates FC Supporter

I am always proud to be a FC Bayern Munich and Orland Pirates FC supporter. Yesterday, both teams won the second most important titles in their respective countries. So, next season, all three of my favourite teams - including Liverpool FC - will be playing continental football.

Generations Is King

First of all, I would like to thank Mfundi Vundla and his team for the great work they are doing with Generations. They have been entertaining South Africans - predominantly black - for as long as they have had freedom. In the words of Gladiators' Maximus, "Are you not entertained?"

Cashtime's "The Other Side" Still Worth My R6.99

I have a couple of songs that I bought from iTunes that I hardly listen to. The most common reason is not finding them as entertaining anymore. I am close to deleting Khuli Chana's "Tswaa Daar (Remix)". It takes forever before it starts playing.

The 17 May Cup Finals

I almost made plans to spend the 17th May with Octavia. Although I was disappointed at first, I am happy she suggested that we get together next weekend. Our relationship is fairly new and I would not want to see it harmed by two of my three favourite teams, Bayern Munich and Orlando Pirates.

It's Time For Plan B

A few minutes ago, I received an email from Penguin Book. It was a response to my submission of manuscript for publishing. I saw the word "Unfortunately" midway the second paragraph, as I read through.

I Was Just Fooling Around

"Hey, kunjani? How are you?" I greeted this good looking girl walking past me. She had strong black eyes I lost my confident self in. Her natural hair was covered in something that looked like a doek, but isn't really a one. It covered almost half of her head.

Two Years Later

I visited my old workplace yesterday. It has been almost two years since I left and this was my first visit. There were a couple of new faces and many that looked familiar. I felt reconnected to them.

Another Year In The NFD For Jomo Cosmos

The last fixtures of the Nation First Division was very interesting, although they did not yield the results I was hoping for. At half time, Chippa United was leading Milano United 2-0 and Jomo Cosmos was losing 1-0 to Black Leopards.

It Is Not A Subtweet

I am not a Twitter expert or anything along those lines, and this is not a guide for surviving the micro blogger's streets. I was bored and pretended that I was talking to my friend about subtweets. So, here goes nothing.

The PSL Promotion Play-Offs Should Be Scrapped

The view expressed in this post are my own. They are not, in any way, views of my clients or employers. I do not like the Premier Soccer League (PSL) Promotion Play-Offs and I am certain that I am not the only one.

Happy Mother's Day

They say, "Wathinta abafazi, wathinta imbhokodo. You strike women, you strike a rock." Women are the backbone of our society. There is no degree of gratitude enough to compensate what women haven done and continue doing for us.

I Hope I Am Not Being Naive

This year's elections took place at the peek of social media and digital communication. All rants and promises reached a wider audience and many were able to read and research on different political parties.

I Missed Writing

I woke up a bit early today. Since I hardly get time to write blog posts lately, I thought I'd use this opportunity to type a paragraph or two. I have been writing a book for the past week or so. I still am.

Working On Visual Studio Again Felt Like Reconnecting With A High School Sweetheart

I have Visual Studio 2010. It had been a while since I worked on it. For those who do not know, Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). As defined on Wikipedia, "It is used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows...

You Look Just Fine Without Make-Up

There are so many memes flying around exploring, if not exposing, the wonders of make-up. Especially on Twitter streets. I have been shocked by most of these memes, and I have my own story to share. If only I could instraframe some images in my memory and create my own meme.

Liverpool Up Against Manchester City and Chelsea

I want Liverpool to win the English Premier League. It has been 24 years since Liverpool won a first tier professional league. The league was still known as The Football League First Division - which they have won 18 times - the last time they won the title.

Which Team Is Better Than FC Bayern Munich? Riddle Me That!

The FC Bayern Munich team has won their 24th Bundesliga title in record time: with 7 league games left. If The Reds win or draw, but do not lose any of the remaining 7 games, they will become the first German team to win the league title unbeaten.

Single With No Kids

I am a developer, and I am not an expert on life and relationship issues. I write codes at awkward hours of any day or night and I have a blog about nothing in particular. *grin*

A Little About Me

I usually have a lot to say about myself, but at the time of writing, I wasn't really feeling well. Ungafi though. Don't die. I should pick up all the pieces and give life another shot from a different angle. I am not dying yet, and I thank God for that.

Keep Your Rap God And Let 2Chainz Entertain Us

I am tired of reading about people saying 2Chainz is a whack rapper. About two months ago, there were a lot of memes dissing rappers like 2Chainz and Lil Wayne, celebrating the return of Eminem and the release of his hit single, Rap God.

Maggz Has A New Stan

I am not a music expert, but I could always see that there is something special about Maggz. However, I could never see him as a great rapper.